Don’t have time or access to Brazilian Zouk lessons in person? Train online with BRUNO AND FAE!


Send us a video of your social, competition dance or show and receive detailed feedback and useful recommendations on how to improve.


Choose this option if you’d like to receive quick feedback on your dance (based on the video you send us) and get recommendations on areas to improve.


Receive in-depth personalized feedback on your dancing with an improvement plan and video exercises and drills to address the areas that need work.


Train with us online via video conference setup. Receive real time feedback and exercises just like you would in person.

1 LESSON $80

5 LESSONS $350

* While we’re happy to work with each of you individually we encourage to take this with a partner.

** All classes must be taken within two months from purchase date.


Week 1

Chest Isolations. How to practice movement technique, leading technique and variations.

Week 2
Waves and body rolls in every direction, and what we can do with them.

Week 3
Head movement. How to practice movement (follower) technique, leading technique and variations.

Week 4
Balão Apagado. Practice drills and variations

We have designed a special technique-focused series, specifically adapted to the online format and are excited to share it with you!
Every Tuesday evening for an entire month – get ready!

In words of Elvis… “If you don’t have a partner, use a wooden chair – let’s rock!”
The exercises and movements of each of these classes can be practiced with or without a partner without sacrificing their efficiency. We will teach you how to work on improving your zouk and body movement technique at home on your own, with a buddy or using whatever household items you have at hand (chairs, walls, etc.) – it’s gonna be a blast! 🙂

The price for the entire series is $60.
Each class is 1.5h long and consists of us explaining and showing the material and Q&A time, where we answer any questions you might have in real time.

You will get
– access to a high-quality 1080p Live Stream,
– recorded material available for review after the class is finished
– opportunity to ask questions in real time during class
– help, feedback, and support with any questions you might get when practicing later. Throughout the entire course.
– community hangout where we all can share and review videos of our progress

Once you register, you will be added to a group and we’ll guide you from there.

Support your artists in the challenging time of COVID-19 epidemic!


I’ve submitted my video for the Critique, now what?
Once we have received your video and your payment we’ll provide the feedback within a week.

Can I pay with a card?
That’s a possibility, however, it largely depends on your location. If this is your preferred payment method, please contact us directly at

Are there more options coming?
Yes, we’re looking to add live online classes and special workshops in the near future.

Do I need a partner for Online Lessons or for Critique?
For online critique we only need a video of you dancing that you would like our feedback  and suggestions on. For online privates, while not necessary, depending on what you want to work on, a partner is encouraged. There’s no extra charge for couples, so you can split the cost with someone.

Do I need special equipment to take and Online Private Lesson?
All you need is your dance shoes and your phone.