Course is limited to only 20 spots!

$85 Full Course    –    $20 per Single Workshop

October 6 and 20 – 1pm to 2:30pm
October 7, 14 and 21 – 3pm to 4:30pm

  1. Not so basic (heels highly encouraged!)
    – Fancy up you laterals, basics, waves, etc. with cool leg and arm styling.
    – Move, groove and walk with style.
    – Get confident in your heels – learn heel-specific techniques, get that balance and be fabulous!

    2. Make it spin! (Heels optional)
    All you need to know about ladies’ spins and turn technique:
    – When to spot when to “nope” it.
    – How to stay balanced and not get dizzy no matterwhat.
    – Two-feet/stepping and one-foot spins and pivots.
    – Vertical and tilted turns.

    3. Flip it! (Heels optional)
    Whether your hair is long, short, straight, curly or absent – learn how to rock it like nobody’s business!
    – Chicotes, cambres and head movement techniques are all in this class.
    – In-place and walking head movement.
    – Normal and reversed bonecas.
    – How to incorporate head movements into your turns Fluff it, flip it, play with it!

    4. Isolate everything! (Heels optional)
    Learn how to rock chest, hip, head, arm knee and everything-in-between isolations. How to follow them and insert them in your dancing as styling. Move them, tilt them, redirect them – make them your own.

    5. I go dancing by myself (Heels highly encouraged!)
    – Learn how to make your dance look completely different with the same moves depending on the music.
    – Get options for what you can do when offered space for self expression. Solo Zouk patterns and cool WiFi styling options for followers.
    – Learn a mini-choreo by the end of the class and show how it’s done among us girls.