Welcome to the first official Brazilian Zouk dance school in Denver, Colorado!

Whether you are looking to learn a partner dance, meet new friends, get in shape or pick up a fun new couple activity, we are the central hub for Brazilian Zouk dance classes, parties and events in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, CO.


The school was founded by internationally known Brazilian zouk dancers Bruno and Fae. Originally from Portugal and Russia they met and partnered up while living in Los Angeles, CA bonded by the shared love for this sensual, tender and hypnotic couples dance.

In 2017 they have been invited to relocate to Colorado to help grow and nurture the budding Colorado dance community. Bruno and Fae have brought over their signature Zouk Immersion program that quickly became extremely popular around Denver and started branching out to Boulder and Fort Collins.


With the overwhelming popularity of the zouk course and Brazilian dancing taking Colorado by storm the dance program quickly outgrew its space and is now ready to have its own forever home – the Immersion Dance school!

The Immersion Dance school features a variety of Brazilian dances, such as Forro and Samba de Gafieira, and of course, it is THE place to learn zouk, dance zouk at various parties and events, meet and mingle with other local zouk dancers as well as guests from all over the world passing through town.

Brazilian zouk is not just a dance – it is a huge international community of like-minded people who enjoy the connection, the music and the vibe of Brazilian rhythms. And now you have a great opportunity to become a part of it. Open up your world to new cultures, new connections, new grooves, new fitness options, new friends and new activities!

Zouk you there… 🙂